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| 3d cinema |


year: September 2013

place: Meyerson Hall, Philadelphia PA

project leader: Sofia Krimizi

project duties: Video Producer

Screen Designer

Projection Designer



The 3d cinema is a project created for the University of Pennsylvania’s IDEAS day.  The purpose of the IDEA Days Festival is to encourage PennDesign students and faculty to collaborate with partners from across the University and Philadelphia to help build community.


The 3d cinema aimed at creating an open air, 3-Dimensional, projection surface that would host in the course of the three festival evenings a curated sequence of cinematic clips focused on the city of Philadelphia.

Projectors were placed on both sides of the screen so that the two images would hybridize in the middle space. The space contained movement and difference as the two images battled for exposure.

The projection screen was fabricated out of Tyvek, a strong fibrous material that was donated by DuPont.  The tyvek was cut into 12 foot sections and then fed through a laser cutter.  The laser cut relief patterns operated to allow wind to pass and to create openings for the projected image to pass through.

Footage for the screen contained imagery from within PennDesign as well as around Philadelphia.  The video aimed to establish a relationship between the building of the architecture school and the rest of the campus and the city as a whole.

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