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year: Fall 2011

place: University of Pennsylvania

professor: Julie Beckman

The urban garage was formed around ergonomical studies.  By researching how the human moves one can better understand a space defined for he or she.  A garage is such a foreign place for a human to exist.  The urban garage explores the spatial limits of both the human and car and then combines them into one hybridized zone for both.

Manifesto of Project:

One would think the car needs more space than the human.  This is incorrect.  The car is only oriented toward the front and rear - with minimal rotational room.  It can steer left and right, but only when it moves forward and backward.  The human is different.  The human can rotate on a multiple-axis system.  Something can strike the humans attention while still.  It has a perceived and physical orientation.  The car is a mechanical gear.  It only goes two ways.  The human is universal.  Ergonomical.  The human can be two places at once - physically in one location, perceived in another.  The car only wishes it had this type of mobility.

Ergonomic Studies

Diagramming Studies

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