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| deployable structures |


year: Fall 2012

place: University of Pennsylvania

professor: Mohamad Alkhayer

collaborators: William Wong




The Icosidodecahedron is a tessellation that consists of twenty triangular faces and twelve pentagonal faces.


This polyhedron includes six decagons (10 sides each) joined in pairs at thirty vertices.  In order to make it deployable a 144 degree scissor hinged connection is used.  These scissor connections occur at sixty different areas in order to deploy inward and outward. 



The design of this connection accentuates the different geometric elements of the shape. A curved connection joint was included so that in the closed state the icosidodecahedron appears to have circular rings instead of a pentagon tessellation. 



This deployable structure is made out of 720 pieces including 420 laser cut parts and 300 hinged joints.

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