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| maximalism Ferrari |


year: Fall 2013

place: University of Pennsylvania

professor: Ali Rahim

collaborators: Jonathan Dessi-Olive


This project focuses on developing a new research and development facility for Ferrari at their headquarters in Maranello Italy. Just as the Ferrari is an assemblage of constituent parts and it conveys extreme speed and opulence, maximalism is a form that is overtly complex providing multiple features in quantity and quality accumulated to excess.  

Physical Model:

The physical model consists of multiple interlocking 3d printed parts that reach 4 feet long.  Printing the parts separately instead of relying on different colors of ink in one powder print forced the design to resolve ideas of structure and componentry.


The site for this project is over the F1 test track at the Ferrari headquarters. F1 tracks are specifically designed to incorporate a variety of turns to achieve alternating speeds through out the circuit.


The building was placed on the straight away just before turn one, the fastest part of the track, where speeds reach over 260 kph. Right before the turn there is a dramatic decrease in speed down to 80 kph. The building seeks to orient itself to the transition between the fast balance of the straight away and the alternating directions of the turn.


The long section shows how the track slowly penetrates through the building exposing patrons to the immense speed of Ferrari first hand.  

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