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| tactical networks |


year: Spring 2012

place: University of Pennsylvania

professor: Annette Fierro

Manifesto of Project:

Second Street & Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Old City, Philadelphia, PA


There is a bridge guarding Second Street. With the miscommunication of programs the inhabitant in Old City has no clue to what lies ahead, and therefore, treats the bridge as the end of Second Street. There needs to be a programmatic connection between the large transportation hub that breaks the personal street-to-building bond at ground level. Physically and programmatically the bridges' beams must turn into columns.


An identity, a connection, a place - the architecture will finally have a site. "Welcome to Second Street!" the site finally says.


This project maps networks that exist in an urban setting. From these maps different phenomena can be extracted and organized to help facilitate the planning and aggregation of program.


A place of work and a public market were the two main programs for this project to discover. This project explores how to create instances of interaction through public encounters. By documenting human trajectories from a public transportation hub, different levels of displacement were mapped out. That displacement was then used to find certain scenarios that could spawn a place of public interaction. 

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