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| fragmented futures |


year: Spring 2013

place: University of Pennsylvania

professor: Ferda Kolatan

collaborators: Jonathan Dessi-Olive

Fragmented futures is a concept that defines the programmatic operations of what a science fiction museum could potentially be. 

This project realizes that with the advancement of technology science fiction will always be in flux.  The project also emphasizes that science fiction plays a big part in our ability to plan and innovate for the future. 


By providing a museum to document the past and a research lab to innovate for the future patrons of the building will be exposed to all aspects that science fiction has to offer.

The fragmentation in the plan provides an organization to allow for long narrow spaces for the users to navigate the museum.  Going along with the mysterious nature of sci-fy the plan seeks to bring visitors in and out of orientation.

Using alternating topographical shifts the building orients itself around a central meeting space.  The circulation of the building attempts to expose the museum guests in and out of the future labs and the exhibitions. 

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